Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls Knows Which Angle Flatters Her Best

Brown Eyed Girls member Miryo recently updated her fans with a goddess-like selca.

On January 5, the idol shared the photo on her Twitter with the message, “The importance of angles. I always take selcas from this angle.” She can be seen sitting on a sofa with a painting behind her, posing for the camera. Her smooth skin and light makeup make her complexion shine, and her wavy hairstyle frames her face beautifully. Fans left comments saying how she only gets more gorgeous as time goes by and how elegant her facial features are, praising the idol’s beautiful looks.

Known for her easy-going personality, fellow member Narsha sent her a message saying, “Don’t cheat,” to which Miryo wittily responded, “You and me are both cheaters.” Seems like the humorous tweet impressed Narsha as she replied, “Your ad-libbing is quite good?” 

The two promoted as Brown Eyed Girls’ first unit group back in November under the name M&N.