Rain Makes Fans Swoon over Topless Photos Taken During Dance Practice

Years might pass by, but Rain‘s carved muscles seem to stay intact.

An employee of Cube Entertainment shared the photos through his SNS account on January 5 with the caption, “This is what he does in the practice room at night? My mouth just dropped. Rain’s comeback stage next week, pit-a-pat! I want a body like that as wellㅡㅡ #raineffect #30sexy #lasong”

In the photo, Rain is showing off his smooth moves while hanging out at the dance studio. His outfit is comfortable but cool, with his pants hanging low enough to reveal his carved hip line. Even after a six-year break from the scene, Rain manages to make fans lock their eyes on him, and not only because of his rock-hard upper body, but also thanks to his magical masculine charm.

The sexy singer made his comeback a few days ago, and will start his music show promotions this week.