Chrome Entertainment’s New Boy Band K-Much Release Teaser Images and BTS MV Stills

With their debut looming near, Chrome Entertainment‘s new boy band K-Much (or Snakehead) has released a couple teaser images as well as behind-the-scenes stills from their music video.

On January 5, K-Much uploaded several images on their official twitter account including teaser images of their debut single, “Don’t Know Anything” (working title).

In the teaser images, K-Much show strong charisma in what looks like special unit police uniforms. Also, K-Much’s “Don’t Know Anything” is said to be the male version of Crayon Pop‘s “Bar Bar Bar,” which is garnering much attention.

Chrome Entertainment commented, “K-Much’s ‘Don’t Know Anything’ has the same eight-beat rhythm as ‘Bar Bar Bar’ with a stronger rock guitar riff. The strong guitar sounds and beats are the core of this song. You can look forward to K-Much’s debut.”

K-Much will be releasing their debut album on January 7 titled “Beyond the Ocean” and hold their debut stage on “The Show: All About K-Pop.”

Check out K-Much’s teaser images as well as the BTS stills from their music video! Also, check out K-Much’s appearance on Crayon Pop TV and also Ellin introducing the members of K-Much!

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