“Superman Returns” Chu Sung Hoon’s Daughter, Chu Sarang, Adorably Wakes Up Sleepy Staff

On KBS’s “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns,” MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter Chu Sarang went on a trip to Okinawa.

The father-daughter couple spent the plane ride eating ice cream. The fighter had trouble eating the frozen ice cream, but his daughter made easy work of it, bringing smiles to the viewers.

After two-and-a-half hours on the flight, right before landing in Okinawa, Chu Sarang suddenly got out of her seat, and started to make rounds on the plane, shaking/gently hitting awake the sleeping staff members.

What a cutie~!

Once off the plane, we see Chu Sarang adorably coasting along on her dad’s luggage, ready for the adventures of Okinawa!

Click the photo below for the clip!

chu sarang