Go Ara Gained Near 18 Pounds for Her Role in “Reply 1994”

Actress Go Ara is receiving renewed interest and big praises with her latest role Sung Na Jeong in “Reply 1994.” The drama had a successful run setting a new record for a cable channel by achieving more than 10% of the viewership ratings for the last episodes. The staff prepared an epilogue episode as a way to thank the audience for the unending support, which featured few behind-the-scenes footages from the drama and interviews with the actors.

In one of the interviews, Go Ara shared about doubting herself as an actress before taking on this character. It showed that she didn’t have an easy time during the past decade since debut. In a recent interview with My Daily, she revealed some of the things she did to prepare for her role.

“Right when I received the script, I had an image of Na Jeong drawn in my head,” Go Ara said. “The director asked me if I would be okay. I was well prepared to ruin my image. That’s why I cut my hair with a knife for a shaggy look, and I looked like an idiot.”

Go Ara went on, “The director kept telling me that I had to gain weight in the beginning. The most I’ve gained was near 9 pounds, but Na Jeong has a good appetite. I gained about fifteen to eighteen pounds as filming went on. That’s why I was able to look like Na Jeong.”