Ex-TBNY Member Topbob Releases Sweet Teaser for “Darling” MV Featuring Bumkey

Hip hop artist Topbob is about to make his comeback to the scene with a new single and a music video!

The teaser was released on January 6, four days prior to the full music video release. Talented singer Bumkey has lent his smooth voice for the song, and based on the teaser, “Darling” will be a mid-tempo hip hop track with sweet lyrics. In the video clip, birds can be heard chirping as the beautiful model takes a walk in the hay-fields, smiling for the camera. Short black-and-white scenes show her and a male person playing around lovingly, illustrating the lovely theme of the song.

The upcoming single is titled “PLEX,” and will consist of three tracks. In addition to “Darling,” it will include “Runaway” and “You Can Cry (33Li)” featuring Ben.Z.

For those who are not familiar with the artist, Topbob is known for being a member of the legendary hip hop duo TBNY. More recently, he promoted as a member of 2winS, and has also actively featured on other artists’ tracks. 

Stay tuned for the single release on January 10!