B1A4’s Jinyoung Takes Sticker Photos with a Mysterious Female, Comeback Teaser?

We are getting closer to the release of B1A4‘s comeback music video, and these photos might be another teaser to get fans hyped up.

On January 5, director Lee Ki Baek shared the sticker booth pictures featuring Jinyoung and a mysterious female through his Twitter account. As the director of B1A4’s upcoming music video for “Lonely,” fans are wondering if there is a connection between the photos and the music video. 

In the pictures, Jinyoung and the female can be seen posing cutely like a loving couple. With words like “happiness,” “always,” and “I love you” written on the stickers, it is quite obvious they are in a sweet relationship. However, many fans pointed out how the atmosphere in the photos is a complete opposite of the song title “Lonely,” making us wonder what the music video will be like.

The second teaser of “Lonely” (Drama ver.) will be released tomorrow on January 7. You can view the first teaser here.