miss A Jia’s Behavior at Airport Receives Mixed Reaction from Netizens

A video of girl group miss A’s Jia riding a baggage cart has earned her the ire of netizens.

Jia uploaded the video on her Instagram account on January 4. The short 10-second video showed Jia wearing casual clothes, with sunglasses on, using the small cart as a sort of kickboard.

She pushed off with her left foot, and glided for a few meters before coming to a halt. The video was accompanied with the playful text, “Don’t do this. I’m (a) bad girl.”

She may have been joking, but netizens certainly took it seriously. Some of the reactions:

  • “Using a cart that’s not meant for people to ride as a kickboard isn’t right, is it?”
  • “I don’t understand why she had to shoot that sort of video and upload it. She might have thought it was interesting, but it looks dangerous to people watching it”
  • “It might have been at a time when there weren’t many people at the airport, but she can’t even control where she’s going. What if she gets injured or if she injures someone else?”

But not everyone was so uptight about things, with some defending her actions.

  • “Idols get a lot of flack for this sort of thing, and they do act rashly at times. But can’t we just cut her some slack?
  • “If she didn’t get in and ride, isn’t it okay? She didn’t do any damage, though I don’t understand why she uploaded something like that.”

Some of us may are probably guilty of doing the same thing at the airport, but idols and celebrities in general are held to a much higher standard.

Well, Jia posted her apology today via her Twitter account, realizing that her actions might have been too much for some. “I didn’t expect that the video I took of me riding the cart at the airport two days would turn out to be a problem! I’m sorry!!! I won’t do such a thing again, and I promise to be more careful!”

miss A Jia's Apology

Click here to watch Jia’s video!

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