“Daddy! Where Are We Going?” Actor Ryu Seung Ryong’s Two Sons Look Exactly Like Dad

Actor Ryu Seung Ryong‘s two sons were revealed on the latest episode of “Daddy! Where Are We Going?”.

The episode of MBC’s “Daddy! Where Are We Going?” aired on January 5 continued where it left off from last week, with the five families coming together for a “Family Night” event.

After camping the night out, the kids decided to have a soccer match. The kids appearing on opposing team Song Jong Kook FC had received coaching from retired soccer player Song Jong Kook. They included LG baseball player Kim Sun Woo’s children, Kim Sung Hoon and Kim Jung Hoon

Kim Jung Hoon had previously been mentioned as being Song Ji Ah’s boyfriend.

Also on the team were six year old Ryu Gun and nine year old Ryu Kang. The fathers thought that the kids looked familiar, and there was a reason for this. The kids revealed their father’s identity to be Ryu Seung Ryong (“Miracle in Cell No. 7“). It turns out that the kids have the same eyes and eyebrows as their father.

The January 5 episode of “Daddy! Where Are We Going?” was a special episode that brought all five families together. The episode featured a talent show, as well as some arm-wrestling between the mothers.

Ryu Seung Ryong's Children, Ryu Gun and Ryu Kang