B.A.P to Reveal a Song Dedicated to their Fans, “B.A.B.Y”

B.A.P will be first releasing their new song “B.A.B.Y” in front of their fans.

The idol group will be holding a fan meeting “2nd Baby Day: Be My Baby” on January 12 at Kyunghee University’s Hall of Peace, where they will be releasing their song “B.A.B.Y,” dedicated to their fans.

“B.A.B.Y” is the name of B.A.P’s official fan club, and the song was composed by Marco and B.A.P’s leader Bang Yong Guk personally participated in the writing of the lyrics of the song. The song relays B.A.P’s romantic hearts through a sweet lyrical melody that falls in excellent harmony with the pure lyrics. “B.A.B.Y” isn’t just a project song made for fans, but is also one of the tracks on their upcoming album.

An official at B.A.P’s agency, TS Entertainment, said, “We included a song for fans in the new album as a show of thanks and affection for the fans who have stood by B.A.P ever since their debut.” 

This upcoming fan meeting sold out of tickets within 10 minutes of tickets becoming available, once again showing the fans’ love for the idol group.

Debuting in 2012, B.A.P hasn’t once taken a break, releasing 3 mini albums and 4 singles. Now, with the release of their first full album at last, B.A.P will be able to show their growth musically as well as their global musical influence.

Not only has B.A.P ruled the K-Pop music charts in Germany and around Europe, they’ve also had the honor of being given 3 awards at Europe’s 4th So-Loved Awards. Moreover, with their “B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific” tour, which went around 4 American cities and 5 Asian countries, as well as their “Warrior Begins” Japanese arena tour, they’ve proved that their popularity transcends boundaries.

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