Kim Tae Hee Connects with Chinese Fans Through Opening a Weibo Account

Actress Kim Tae Hee has opened up a Weibo account and posted a recent selca of herself.

On the morning of January 6, Kim Tae Hee signed up for a Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter, and began connecting with her Chinese fans. She wrote on her first post, “Hello Chinese fans, it’s great to meet you here. I’m not a great fan of SNS, and I am late in offering my greetings. I hope to be able to communicate with all of my fans more closely from now on.”

In the photo she uploaded with her message, Kim Tae Hee displayed her goddess-like image. The photo shows two images of her face with flawless skin and distinct features. She represents the beauty of Korean actresses.

Many Chinese fans showered the actress with welcoming messages on the website.