EXO’s “Show Time” Records Ratings Over 1.2%, Chen to Sing as Promised

The ratings of idol group EXO‘s variety program “Show Time” keep increasing!

The first episode aired back in November, and according to ratings agency Nielsen Korea, it recorded average ratings of 0.97% and a peak rating of 1.2%. The sixth episode of “Show Time” recorded a 1.385% viewership with a peak of 1.608%. The show has quickly become the leading variety program of MBC Everyone, as the latest episode attracted as much as 7% of the teen audience. 

The most recent episode featured a clip from the press conference, in which member Chen promised, “If the ratings pass 1.2%, I will gift the viewers with a song.” Three episodes later, the magical number was reached, and fans have since been waiting to see his special performance. 

Check out “Show Time” on January 9 at 6pm to see Chen finally perform his thank-you song!