ZE:A’s Dongjun in Talks to Join “Law of the Jungle”

Male group ZE:A‘s member Dongjun has received the offer to join SBS’ hit variety show “Law of the Jungle.”

A representative of Star Empire revealed to My Daily on January 6, “Dongjun is currently in talks to join the Borneo season of ‘Law of the Jungle.'” According to the source, he is positively looking over the offer. If he decides to join the show, the team will head to Borneo, an island located in Southeast Asia, as soon as next week. Rest of the cast is yet to be revealed, and the production team is discussing the issue with possible members.

Dongjun is known for his athletic image and great talent in the field of sports. As “Law of the Jungle” puts the cast members’ physical strength to true test, viewers are hoping to see how Dongjun will survive in the challenging conditions of the jungle.