Girl’s Day Teaches the Sexy Choreography for “Something” in Video Lesson

The four member girl group Girl’s Day has released a video dance lesson for their newest single “Something” which should help fans learn the seductive choreography of the song. Dancers should try to find feathers, as it is a main prop in their dance moves.

The members teach the choreography for the three main dance routines for their comeback single “Something.” They start off by teaching the sexy “Cat Dance” where they drop down to the floor and mimic a cat’s movement by bending their backs. They then teach the seductive “Provoking Dance” where they tease their viewers by showing us a glimpse of their legs and then quickly covering it with their skirt. The last dance they teach is the “Feather Dance” where the members use a feather to point at their thighs while doing a wave.

Now you can try and learn the sexy dance moves at home! Which dance move did you like? Please leave comments below.