PSY Releases Live “Gentleman” Video from “Moonlight Gymnastics” Concert

PSY, who celebrated his 36th birthday on December 31, held his “All Night Stand – Moonlight Gymnastics” concert series at the end of last year, and he’s uploaded a performance of “Gentleman” on his official YouTube channel for those of us who didn’t manage to make it.

During the concert, PSY had talked  about how he didn’t feel “Gentleman” was a suitable song for him. He said that his new song would remain true to his gangster style. Conscious of the mixed reviews that “Gentleman” had received, he had said that he was going back to basics with the new song.

While he didn’t reveal his new song at the concert as expected, the audience was on fire that night, the expansive crowd chanting along to PSY’s music. With their glowing head bands and light sticks in hand, it was hard to see how the crowd was anything less than than enthusiastic at the return of their international star.

PSY had unveiled “Gentleman” for the first time at his “Happening” concert in April 2013 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, eight months before his “Moonlight Gymnastics” concerts.

Following the success of 2012 viral hit “Gangnam Style,” PSY released “Gentleman,” and it’s popularity proved that he was no one-hit wonder. The music video has had more than 600 million views to date. “Gentleman” also ranked on the Billboard Hot 100, making the top 10 for a period of time.