WINNER to Make Official Debut in February with a Mini Album

The debut date of WINNER, YG Entertainment‘s first male group in eight years, has been decided.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed to Star News on January 7, “Following ‘WIN,’ the members are currently filming ‘WINNER TV,’ which follows the group around and shows their daily life. Right after the show ends, WINNER will present their debut album. We are planning to release it at the end of February.”

“As of late, WINNER has put their heart and mind into working on their debut album with YG producers. It is highly possible that the members’ self-composed songs will make it to the album,” he continued. “The first album will be a mini album. After making their official entrance to the music market with the debut mini album, WINNER will begin active promotions,” the CEO concluded by revealing details on the group’s debut.

The specific information on WINNER’s first official release has only added to the excitement of the group’s debut. After beating Group B on MNet’s “WIN” in last October, WINNER (Team A) has quickly gained a large and active fanbase. Despite not having made their official debut yet, the group has received five advertisement offers from major brands. Back in November, 8000 people attended their first official Japanese fan meeting in Osaka, proving their great popularity. In addition, the group has gained live experience by performing as the warm-up act for label mate Big Bang‘s Japanese dome tour, with final concerts taking place from January 11 to 13 in Osaka.

Are you getting excited for the group’s debut?