Lee Hwi Jae Compares Sung Yuri’s Ex-Boyfriends and Kim Jae Dong on “Healing Camp”

Lee Hwi Jae appeared on the January 6 episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” and compared Kim Jae Dong to Sung Yuri’s past boyfriends. He started with hinting that the two hosts should try to do well together, asking Kim Jae Dong to not look in distant places for women, at which Sung Yuri immediately said, “But I refuse!” Kim Jae Dong replied, “Do you think I’ve been looking in distant places? I’ve always looked in close places, but they’re the ones that leave.”

When Kim Jae Dong jokingly complained that Sung Yuri doesn’t even play along when he jokes about them dating, Lee Hwi Jae said “It is true that the men Yuri have dated and Kim Jae Dong are completely different,” revealing that he knows the men that Yuri has dated.

At this sudden disclosure, a flustered Sung Yuri joked, “Just hit me instead,” echoing Lee Kyung Kyu and Kim Jae Dong earlier in the show, when Lee Hwi Jae was revealing somewhat sensitive information about the two hosts. Lee Hwi Jae continued, “A long time ago, I was having a meal with that person [Sung Yuri’s ex], and he said, ‘I’ll be right back after a quick phone call,’ and was about to step out. So telling him to sit down, I said, ‘She’s doing a radio show right now, don’t call her,’” and imitated the then boyfriend’s frozen expression of surprise, flustering Sung Yuri even more.

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