“Infinity Challenge” Donates $250,000 as Scholarships to Students in Need

Infinity Challenge” has donated the profit earned from the show’s annual calendar sales to charity.

On December 26 last year, MBC organized the “Third ‘Infinity Challenge’ Scholarship Delivery Ceremony” in association with Korea Association of Social Welfare Centers and granted scholarships to 160 elementary, middle, and high school students. Breaking all previous profit records, the show’s calendar sales brought in approximately $820,000 this year, and $250,000 were donated to students in need. 

“Infinity Challenge Scholarship” is MBC’s representative way of contributing to society. The scholarships are mainly directed at students from low-income families, students raised by their grandparents, and those from single-parent families. 

Kim Ji Wan, CEO of MBC Sharing, commented, “I believe that wanting to share even the smallest things in your pockets is true sharing. I hope all of you will try to become such wonderful people, and please show continuous love for ‘Infinity Challenge’ cast that has willingly donated their talent.”

“Infinity Challenge” is also known for giving back to the community by donating the profit from their music festivals to charity.