Hyunyoung Is Breathtakingly Sexy in New Teaser for Rainbow Blaxx

The second member of Rainbow‘s new subunit, Rainbow Blaxx, has been revealed to be none other than Hyunyoung!

On January 7, DSP Media uploaded a brand new teaser clip of Rainbow Blaxx that featured the lovely Hyunyoung.

The clip, titled “whole body scanning,” certainly does scan Hyunyoung’s entire body, starting off with her shapely legs, thighs and finally her face. The clip ends with an incredibly sexy shot of Hyunyoung, showing quite some skin in a sexy lingerie outfit.

So far, Jaekyung and Hyunyoung were revealed to be part of the four-member group. Previously, Rainbow Blaxx revealed teaser images of the unnamed members in black lingerie.

Check out the teaser clip below and keep checking back with us for more updates!