Celebrity Couple Lee Soo of M.C the Max and Lyn Share the Music Charts

Celebrity couple Lee Soo of M.C the Max and Lyn are side-by-side even on the online music charts!

On January 7, M.C the Max’s “Wind that Blows” ranked first on the Genie weekly chart. “Wind that Blows” is from M.C the Max’s seventh album, which they have released on January 2, after a very long hiatus.

M.C the Max proved that they are still a strong presence in the K-Pop world as other tracks from their seventh album such as “Words of the Lips,” “Us Back Then” and “Baek Ya” ranked in the top ten as well.

But more attention was brought to the fact that Lyn’s song ranked second on the same chart! Lyn sang “My Destiny” for the “Man from the Stars” OST, which was released on December 26.

Lee Soo and Lyn made their relationship public last April. Lyn recently caught the media’s attention when she tweeted about how she was moved to tears at seeing her boyfriend’s song top the music charts!