Akdong Musician to Debut in February through “K-Pop Star 3”

K-Pop’s sibling sensation Akdong Musician will be debuting at the end of February.

Akdong Musician will be holding their debut performance at the live stage of “K-Pop Star,” which is the program that led to their fame.

After Akdong Musician entered the hearts of many through season two of “K-Pop Star,” which ended nine months ago, the public has been wondering about their debut date. Akdong Musician received a lot of love for their creative and unique style of songwriting at such a young age. The duo has ranked high on music charts every time they released one of their self-composed and written songs.

Akdong Musician also garnered attention for signing with YG Entertainment, which is also home to “K-Pop Star” season one’s runner-up, Lee Hi.

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