JYJ Kim Junsu Enjoys Musical “Wicked” with Beautiful Actresses

JYJ‘s Kim Junsu has revealed a proof shot when he went to see a musical “Wicked” with his female friends.

On January 7, Junsu uploaded a photo onto his Twitter, saying “‘Wicked’ with two of the best actresses. My ears enjoyed it a lot. Because of their energy, I was confused while I stayed with them in a waiting room just for 10 minutes. Hey, since I went to Emerald City, now is the turn for both of you to come to Jiwook’s house.” 

Kim Junsu took this photo when he visited his former fellow cast Ock Ju Hyun, who performed together for musical Elisabeth.”

In the revealed photo, Junsu puts a smile on his face, showing off his good friendship with singer Ock Ju Hyun and musical star Jeong Seon Ah.

Meanwhile, he is starring for his starring musical “December” as Jiwook.