FTISLAND and CNBlue Leave Handwritten Messages to Fans

This is for you Primadonnas and Boices!

On January 8, the boy bands of FNC Entertainment left special messages to their fans through their official LINE accounts.

Scroll down for translations. Reading clockwise from the top left.



This is Choi Jong Hun. Fighting in 2014 as well.

FT Jaejin. Happy New Year!! Also please be healthy!!

FT Minhwan. Please be healthy even in 2014~ Happy New Year!

FT Seunghyun. Lets have good fortune (good fortune) all together!


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Yonghwa: Happy New Year! <3

Jonghyun: Happy New Year and I pray that only good things will happen~ <3

Everyone…~~ This is Jungshin. Did you have a good 2013? Ah~ I see. Make good memories in 2014 so it would be a memorable year~^^ I’m always thankful, always sorry, always…. love you. Sincerely, Jungshin.

Minhyuk: Happy New Year everyone!! I pray that you’ll have an even happier and better year in 2014~! Lets make a memorable year with CNBlue! �de42

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