JYJ’s Photobook “The JYJ Magazine No.3” Is Now Available for Pre-Order

The three member boy group JYJ is ready to release their photobook titled “The JYJ Magazine No.3” which will contain many interviews and intimate photos of the members. There will be three separate magazines in the release, and each member will have a magazine dedicated to himself. Fans can view their favourite member’s activities from the second half of 2013 to the start of 2014.

The magazine will be shipped on February 28, but you can reserve a copy for yourself at C-JeS store ( http://cjesstore.com/, http://www.jyjjapan.jp/ ). The magazine will be sold in Korean and Japanese format. So which issue will you decide to get? You can decide between Kim Jaejoong‘s issue, Park Yoochun‘s issue, and Kim Junsu‘s issue, or you can decide to get all three!

 photo jyjmag3.png

Here is the cover of the second issue of JYJ’s magazine.