New Girl Group “Scarlet” to Debut through the Assistance of Prestigious Staff Teams

As 2014 begins, we will start seeing new idol groups debut. However, many fade away because of the lack of eye catching songs or talents. However, Funny Collection Entertainment has strategized to make sure their upcoming girl group, “Scarlet,” will not be lost among the sea of debuting idols.

Scarlet’s agency, Funny Collection Entertainment, stated, “In February we will be debuting rookie girl group ‘Scarlet’. Before their debut, we plan to release information about the members of the group. Please give a lot of attention to the upcoming rookies.”

The new girl group will debut with the assistance of Korea’s prestigious staff teams. Scarlet will debut with the song of producer Lim Sang Hyuk, who has produced songs for BEAST, 4Minute, and G.Na. Furthermore, their dance choreography will be planned by Kim Jae Hwan, who was in charge of Troublemaker’s choreography. The stylist Lee Jin Young, who styled both idol groups and musicals, and dramas, will be the head of the style team for Scarlet.

Having completed recording their new song, Scarlet will slowly be shown to the public, and will make their official debut in February. We’re curious who these girls are, and we wish them luck in their debut!