Hyorin Says She’d be Too Scared to do Any More Plastic Surgery

SISTAR member Hyorin recently talked about her fears regarding plastic surgery.

On January 7, Hyorin revealed as a guest on Mnet’s “Beetles Code 3D” that she enjoyed rap more than singing. At this, Shin Dong Yup complimented her saying, “You’re good at rapping, singing and your face is also charming; don’t get ambitious and do any plastic surgery later.” 

Hyorin shocked everyone when she admitted, “I will do it, however I have too much fear. I’m scared. I can take an injection of Ringer’s solution or get shots, but if I were to undergo a facelift I think it would just be too scary.” 

“Don’t do that anymore,” advised Shin Dong Yup. “Would you call it a small incision? I thought it wouldn’t be noticeable if I got the double eyelid surgery, but afterwards I realized it was a noticeable rip,” added Hyorin. The other MCs assured her it wasn’t that noticeable. 

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