Clara Cast in New Movie “Working Girl”

Actress and model Clara has been cast in the movie “Working Girl.”

According to a movie representative on January 8, Clara is set to play a leading role in “Working Girl,” and the production is waiting to begin filming.

“Working Girl” will be helmed by Jung Bum Shik, who directed “Horror Stories” and “Gidam.” It’ll tell the story of the lives and loves, joys and sorrows of career women. Actress Jo Yeo Jung has already been cast in the movie, and the two will be playing the titular working girls.

Clara made her big screen debut in the 2009 omnibus film “Five Senses of Ero,” and had a supporting role in 2013 Japanese film “Ask This of Rik-yu.” She appeared alongside Japanese actor Otani Ryohei in a short film by director Park Ga Hee, “Closet.” In that sense, this will be her first commercial film in a leading role.

Clara is also in tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Emergency Man and Woman,” which premieres on January 24. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Clara on screen this year!