FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun and Comedian Song Eun Yi to Parody Trouble Maker

FT Island‘s Song Seung Hyun and comedian Song Eun Yi have parodied the popular duo, Trouble Maker.

On January 8, FNC Entertainment posted a photo of Song Seung Hyun and Song Eun Yi, who have named themselves “Two Song Place.” In the photo, Song Eun Yi is hilariously wearing a wig and Song Seung Hyun dyed his hair to match the hair colors of Jang Hyun Seung and HyunA in the music video for “Now.” Even funnier are their facial expressions, which seem to parody the sexy charisma of the original Trouble Maker duo.

Two Song Place’s song is titled “Age-Height” and it is said that their music video will be parodying other things as well.

“Age-Height” is a song for men who only like women who are tall and young. Song Seung Hyun has said to lend his exceptional rap skills and talents to form a great chemistry with Song Eun Yi.

“Age-Height” will be released on January 9 and the duo will be performing on “M!Countdown” as well. The music video teaser will be released on January 10 while the full version will be revealed on January 13.