AOA Shows Off Stunning Legs for New “Miniskirt” Concept Photos

AOA has unveiled a new set of concept photos for their new single, “Miniskirt.”

On January 8, FNC Entertainment revealed a couple of concept photos for AOA’s upcoming release. The ladies of AOA are in various outfits with sheer black stockings that show off their great legs! These outfits are not the actual stage outfits but it clearly showcases AOA’s gorgeous bodies.

One photo shows Hye Jeong, Sul Hyun and Chan Mi sitting down with their legs crossed in their sexy miniskirts. Another photo shows Yuna, Choa, Jimin and Mina laying down with their stunning legs raised up high.

AOA will be making their comeback on January 16, which is when “Miniskirt” will be released as well as its music video.

Enjoy the photos and keep checking back for more updates on AOA’s comeback!

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