Rumble Fish Releases Second Teaser for Upcoming Mini Album “I Am Rumble Fish”

Rumble Fish (Choi Jin Yi) has released the second teaser from her upcoming mini album “I Am Rumble Fish” through Loen Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.

Previously, the singer had released an artistic video teaser for her song Don’t Do That” a day ago, and now she has released the video teaser for “The Virulent Song.” The video teaser plays an a vintage sounding accordion instrumental and gives the date of the release date for “I Am Rumble Fish.”

Her agency had promised a complete transformation from her previous confident and powerful image, releasing a photo teaser with Rumble Fish sporting short platinum blonde hair, smoky make up and looking contemplative.

Rumble Fish was previously a rock band, but after they disbanded in 2010, lead singer Choi Jin Yi kept the band’s name when she went solo.

The mini album “I Am Rumble Fish” will be available on January 15.