Abs, Abs, Abs!  Ha Ji Won, Ga In, and Kang Ye Won’s Belly Dance Scene Stills for “The Huntresses”

On January 8, “The Huntresses” distribution company Showbox released stills of Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Ga In’s much-talked-about belly dance scene from the movie. 

In the scene, the huntress trio infiltrates a banquet hall as belly dancers in order to find clues, armed with sexy outfits and enchanting eyes. In order to put together a more complete and authentic scene, the three actresses actually learned belly dancing from a professional.

Ga In said, “I really did my best to learn the choreography, but when it came time for the scene, everyone kind of danced freestyle and did their own thing,” and talked about Kang Ye Won’s fun dance, as well as being jealous about Ha Ji Won’s amazing abs.

In the actual shot for the belly dance scene, the three actresses were not able to stop laughing.

Ha Ji Won was very confident in the scene, saying that, “While the audience is watching the movie, the belly dance scene is at a great time for them to open their hearts to the movie.”

“The Huntresses” is a movie about a trio of Joseon’s greatest bounty hunters who have the fate of Joseon riding on their hands.

the huntresses

You can catch a sneak peek of the scene in the extended trailer below.