TVXQ Says They'll Try Hard for a 20th, 30th, 80th(?) Anniversary in Their

TVXQ! recently participated in an “Ask in the Box” interview for LOEN TV, where they directly answered questions posed to them from around the world, following the recent release of their new album, “Tense.

They answered a variety of questions, about their new album, the new music video, their favorite fruit, etc. It was really great to see the duo again, and their amazing partnership shines through even in the interview!

Here are the questions that were asked below! Watch the video (English subs available) for the answers!

  1. How does it feel to have a 10th anniversary?
  2. How about having your eightieth birthday party at a TVXQ! concert? I’ll definitely go~
  3. What does the title of your album, “Tense,” mean to you?
  4. Can you sing us your favorite song from the album “Tense?”
  5. Why did you use a rope in your music video?
  6. How did it feel to be surrounded by girls in the new music video?
  7. Is there something that you really want to try or regret not doing?
  8. What does ‘wild horse’ mean to Max?
  9. U-know, are strawberries your favorite fruit? and Changmin’s favorite fruit?
  10. Max, you said you weren’t handsome before, but do you think you’re handsome now?
  11. What did TVXQ! choose at your first (dol) birthday parties? (The items picked at a child’s first birthday are said to tell something about that child’s future!)  
  12. What would you want to do if you had your own TV show?
  13. What does TVXQ! want to make out of this year?

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