T-ara Teaches Choreography to “Do You Know Me?” in Video Dance Lesson

Girl group T-ara teaches the retro choreography to their hit single “Do You Know Me?” during a video dance lesson posted on Mnet‘s Youtube channel. Member Eunjung is the main teacher during the lesson and host Solhee is the student. T-ara teaches the ‘retro dance’ and the ‘gun dance’ during the segment.

The retro dance includes a complicated step routine while shrugging your shoulders. It also requires the dancer to perform a diamond pattern step routine. Solhee jokes that the retro dance came from her family in Paju.

The gun dance also includes a step routine while making your hand into the shape of a gun. While jumping up and down, you shoot the ‘heart bullet’ of your ‘gun’ at someone you like.

Enjoy the dance lesson, and try to dance along to the retro song “Do You Know Me?”

Kim Solhee also appears on Mnet’s dancing show “Dancing 9.” Watch her performance below.