Rainbow Blaxx’s Final Member Go Woori Seductively Gazes in Teaser Clip

The fourth and final member of the upcoming sub-unit group of Rainbow, Rainbow Blaxx, has been unveiled!

Go Woori is the final member of Rainbow Blaxx that was announced on January 9 through the “whole body scanning” clip that DSP Media has been posting for the past several days. Like her other Rainbow Blaxx members including Jaekyung, Hyunyoung and Seungah, Go Woori is seductively laying on a table filled with delectable treats as the camera “scans” her body from her toes to her head.

Now that all four members of Rainbow Blaxx has been revealed, fans can anticipate more teasers and information about the group’s music, the song and music video release dates as well as their performance dates.

Check out the final body scanning clip of Woori below and stay tuned for more updates on Rainbow Blaxx!