Jung Il Woo and Uee Share Passionate Kiss for “Golden Rainbow”

Newsen recently revealed a few stills from the set of MBC’s “Golden Rainbow” on January 9.

Golden Rainbow

The pictures show Jung Il Woo and Uee during a kissing scene that was filmed near a café in Kyung Gi Do.

The two stars are currently filming for “Golden Rainbow,” where Jung Il Woo plays the part of Seo Do Young and Uee plays the part of Kim Baek Won. Because Do Young and Baek Won are not aware of how much they like each other, they start to argue. Do Young says, “Why do you keep making me feel sorry,” before going in for the kiss.

Multiple angles from different cameras show a different perspective of the kiss. Onlookers who were walking by turned their heads, but the kiss was so passionate that even the staff members were taken by surprise.

On last week’s episode, Do Young and Baek Won had a heated argument. Baek Won told Do Young that she never wanted to cross paths with him again. After this kiss though, who knows what is in store?