GOT7 Is Ready to Get Out of School and Zoom into Your Heart in New Teaser Clip

Are you ready to have GOT7 skateboard straight into your hearts? If you are, check out the new teaser clip that JYP Entertainment posted, which gives us the first insight of GOT7’s upcoming debut!

After announcing the GOT7 members by posting teaser images throughout the week, JYP’s newest boyband has finally released a teaser clip that amps up their entrance into the K-Pop world.

The clip starts off with familiar faces as JB and Jr of the past duo, JJ Project, sit in a classroom. The clip then proceeds to show each GOT7 member including Jackson, Youngjae, Yugyeom, BamBam and Mark decked out in swag-tastic school uniforms, heading out of the school and on their way to a certain location. Many of the boys zoom along in fancy skateboards and start to replace their school jackets with a cooler attire.

The clip doesn’t really reveal GOT7’s music but it excites the fans nonetheless as it is the first official teaser clip of the group.

GOT7’s music video will be released on January 15 and their mini-album on January 20. Their first showcase will be held on January 15 as well. Meanwhile, check out the teaser images of each GOT7 member that were previously released (Jr, Youngjae, BamBam; Jackson, Yugyeom; Mark, JB)! Also, check out the teaser clip of GOT7 that was released through “M!Countdown” today!

Check out the clip below!