B1A4 Releases Highlight Medley Clip for Upcoming Second Album

BANAs and K-Pop fans! Are you excited for B1A4‘s second album comeback?

Well, it looks like you’re going to be even more excited as B1A4 has released the highlight medley clip of their second album “WHO AM I.”

The clip reveals the highlights of each song from B1A4’s album and as a bonus, it also shows many of B1A4’s new concept photos.

The clip also reveals that there will be eleven songs in the album including “Lonely,” “Love Back Then,” “Amazing,” “Baby,” “Oh My God,” “Overwhelmed,” “Pretty,” “Who Am I,” “Drunk With Music,” “Way,” and “Seoul” (some are working titles).

Although the highlights are short, one can still hear the high-quality instrumentals, vocals and accompaniments for each track. This medley also shows B1A4’s maturity in their music as they try out different genres across the tracks.

Check out B1A4’s highlight medley clip below and count down with us for their album release on January 13!