Dohee Reveals Her School Girl Love Life

Tiny-G’s member Dohee revealed some of her love life before her debut as an idol on the KBS 2TV “Happy Together 3” on January 9. Other guests included actos Kim Sung Kyun, Han Joo Wan, Seo Ha Joon, and girl group Dalshabet’s Subin.

Dohee said, “When I entered middle school, a guy who was very well known for his fighting skills came to our school and told me he wanted to date me. I really didn’t want to but my friends said that if I didn’t, I would get hit. So we did start dating. We were the same age but I had to use the honorific form of language, just as if he was older than me.”

She continued, “I got dumped three days later and he told me that I wasn’t as charming as he thought I would be. He told me that I acted like a mom.”

Dohee ended her story with “I was thankful for getting dumped,” which brought a big laughter among the show’s members.

Dohee on Happy Together