Verbal Jint, San. E, Bumkey, Kanto, Phantom and Swings Unveil Teaser for “You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW”

The artists of Brand New Music have joined forces for one great collaboration single! Verbal Jint, San. E, BumkeyKanto, Swings and Phantom teamed up to sing “You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW.”

The song is a cover of the well-known 70’s hit by pop group, The Stylistics, but with a twist of hip hop and a lot of rap which makes it truly unique. The teaser shows footage of the artists at work, performances and simply having fun hanging out. See if you can spot INFINITE’s Sunggyu and RiSe of Ladies’ Code in the teaser too!

“You Make Me Feel Brand New” will be released on January 14.

Watch the teaser here and keep checking back for more updates!