Wax Can’t Hide Her Favoritism toward Choi Daniel over Leessang’s Gary

Two photos that singer Wax has posted is drawing up laughter, not for the people who are in the photos, but rather the contrasting expressions shown. 

On January 9, the singer posted on her Facebook, “Two men that I met recently!?! Have these men really ‘Never Loved’ me? Have I been having a one sided love… I want to escape the image as the female singer who is an expert at one sided love.”

wax gary choi daniel

The photos show Wax’s admiration for actor Choi Daniel, as she shows a wide smile while posing behind the actor. However, the second photo shows her expressionless face next to Leessang’s Gary, contrasting from her expression of admiration she had shown when with Choi Daniel. However, no worries, as Gary’s and Wax’s close friendship is well known amongst the Korean music scene.

Furthermore, the photos the singer posted is in relation with her new song, “Coin Laundry (Never Loved),” in which actor Choi Daniel starred in the song’s music video.

Wax’s “Coin Laundry (Never Loved)” was released on January 9, and is grabbing attention as a ballad that showcases the singer’s strong vocals.