How Did EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun’s Selfie Turn Out?

On MBC Radio’s “Date at 2PM. It’s Park Kyung Lim,” EXO’s Kai and Baekyun were guests, which resulted in an energetic and laughter-filled radio show. When the radio show’s Twitter announced their special guest, many tuned in to watch and listen to the EXO members.

While the radio show was on a commercial break, the EXO members took their time to take a selfie for the listeners. Although viewers watching on the viewable radio channel were able to watch the boys take a photo of themselves, the radio show released the final image after the end of the radio broadcast.

exo kai baekhyun selca

The photo shows Kai and Baekyun sporting the black look, with both EXO members wearing long sleeves, indicating the cold Korean weather. Contrasting from Kai’s black long sleeve sweater, Baekyun’s black leather jacket reflected the studio’s light. Furthermore, amid the black colors, Baekhyun’s red snapback stood out. The cute selca taken on one of the radio staff’s phone conveys how despite the charismatic and suave style EXO may portray on stage, in reality they are all a bunch of silly and fun boys.

Side note: who else is envious of that lucky staff member who now has a photo of Kai and Baekhyun saved on her phone? I sure am!

Check out the cute video below!