Rainbow Blaxx Releases New Teaser Photo

DSP Media recently posted an announcement on Rainbow‘s official Facebook page that they will be releasing a full version “style film” within the original “Whole Body Scanning” video clip on January 13 at 12pm KST. 

The agency announced the formation of a new sub-unit group called Rainbow Blaxx on december 31. The members were revealed through a series of teaser images and individual members clips starting January 6. Rainbow Blaxx is comprised of members Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Seung Ah and Woori

According to the “Whole Body Scanning” concept, the members are surrounded by pastries and make sexy poses for the camera that “scans” them. 

The girls plan to make their debut as a sub-unit group sometime at the end of this month. 

In related news, Rainbow celebrated their fourth anniversary since debut last year on November 14. 

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