Singer Hong Dae Gwang Is Looking Slimmer Than Ever

Superstar K4’s past contestant-turned singer Hong Dae Gwang seems to have lost even more weight recently and this could seen from the picture he posted on his Twitter. Along with the photo, he posted “It’s a cold winter but I’m doing well. I’m going to give you guys some good news very soon so please wait!”

Hong Dae Gwang took this picture while taking a break in a café near the recording studio he was working in for his next new album. With a grey sweater, his skin looks even whiter and his jawline seems to have become more sleek.

Last year in April, when he made his first official debut with his mini-album “Far Away,” he had lost 12 kg, which is approximately 25 pounds. It is told that his physical exercises include boxing and riding cruiser boards.

Hong Dae Gwang picture