“Reply 1994” Actor Yoo Yeon Suk’s Sexy Abs Are Real

Actor Yoo Yeon Suk revealed his sexy abs in their natural form without the help of any makeup or lighting tricks. 

On January 10, tvN aired “Reply 1994 Epilogue 2” where actors showed viewers footage from their self-cameras, NG take-out scenes and rare behind-the-scenes footage from the set of “Reply 1994.” 

On that particular broadcast, Yoo Yeon Suk recorded himself checking on the state of his abs before filming a scene. The actor lifted his shirt up casually and voiced his approval, saying “Good, this’ll do.” 

Turns out the abs were critical for the popular “phone scene” he shot with nothing but a towel covering his lower body when he had to answer the phone. 

Actor Yoo Yeon Suk played the role of Childbong in the popular drama series, “Reply 1994.” 

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