Jung Hyung Don and Defconn to Comeback as Hyungdon and Daejun

Your favorite “Weekly Idol” hosts, Jung Hyung Don and  Defconn will be making a comeback as musicians in March. 

The two are currently in preparation for their new album as the duo Hyungdon and Daejun. The album is planned to be released in March.

A representative for the duo said, “Although we haven’t concretely decided on a specific date, the two are working together to release the album in March.”

Defconn is also preparing for his own solo album. His last song as a solo rapper was “Notorious Girl” in August. He is preparing to devote his time for music promotions for his solo and duet work this coming March.

The duo first worked musically together in 2012 and had several music hits such as “Gloomy Song” and “Get Out.”

[Edited for accuracy]