Tablo’s Daughter Haru Turns into an Adorable Ballerina

Epik High member Tablo‘s daughter Haru is ever so charming as a young ballerina!

While filming the most recent episode of KBS2′ “Superman Returns,” daddy Tablo and Haru visited a ballet academy. To make sure her daughter has a professional costume on before entering class, Tablo purchased a beautiful ballet dress for his daughter. He gave the dress to Haru, and while waiting for her to come out from the dressing room, the artist revealed his warm feelings.

“I feel the same as when I was waiting for Hye Jung to come out in her wedding dress,” expressing his excitement. Finally, Haru entered the room wearing her baby pink ballet dress, causing Tablo to fall for her adorable look. Usually known for her tomboyish image, it is difficult not to swoon over her transformation into a cute dancer. 

The episode will air on January 12 at 4.55pm (KST).


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