BESTie Members Transform into Sexy Fitness Trainers for “Men’s Health”

BESTie members Uji, Hyeyeon, Haeryung and Dahye recently shot a sexy pictorial for “Men’s Health” magazine.

The girls transformed into sexy fitness trainers and used dumbbells, resistance bands and jumprope as props for their shoot. With an extra emphasis on sexy, the girls were outfitted in cinched, paneled, bandage and cutout dresses that hugged their curves. 

The sexy photos were released on January 10 and present a different image of the group apart from their cute image on stage that they are widely recognized for.The photos will be published in the January issue of “Men’s Health” magazine. 

In related news, BESTie member Hyeryung also shot a couple pictorial with M.PIRE’s T.O that the photos were released online on December 27. 

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