MBC Music Core 01.11.14 – Comeback Stages by Rain, Ailee, Dal Shabet

Live show over. Check out:

Girl’s Day Wins on Music Core with “Something”

Music Core Comeback Performances by Rain, Ailee, Dal Shabet

♬ Comeback Stage
Rain – “30 SEXY” – “LA SONG”
Dal Shabet – “B.B.B(Big Baby Baby)”
Ailee – “Singing Got Better”

♬ Special Stage
Two Song Place(Song Eun-i, Song Seung-hyun – FTIsland) – “Age – tall”

♬ HOT Stage
TVXQ! – “Something”
Girl’s day – “Something”
VIXX – “Thank you for My Love”
Kim Jong-seo – “Seek”
Kim Kyung-rok(feat. P.O Of Block B) – “It’s not big deal”

♬ Sound-Holic
Sonya – “I Can live”
DIATREE – “Please Find Her”
AlphaBAT – “AB CITY”
Yang Ji-won – “AYaYa”

♬ New Song
K-much – “Good to go”
FLASHE – “Oh Ye Yo”
Aila – “Pretty Pretty Pretty Girl”