[Gallery] 8 Most Memorable Moments of the NYC Stop of U-KISS’ First US Tour

On January 9, boy group U-KISS officially kicked off their “U-KISS First US Tour” in New York and rocked the house, despite being nervous about performing on their own solo tour in the US! The tour, along with candid moments behind-the-scenes, is part of Mnet America’s concert series Headliners.

Without further ado and in no particular order, check out eight times U-KISS made NYC one of the most memorable concerts for KissMes, and let us know what you think!

Set List:

  • Stop Girl
  • She’s Mine
  • Bingeul Bingeul
  • Standing Still
  • Someday
  • Ubeat – Should’ve Treated You Better
  • Soohyun & Hoon – More Painful Than Pain
  • AJ & Kiseop – Obsession
  • Tick Tack
  • Forbidden Love
  • Mysterious Lady
  • 0330
  • Believe
  • Neverland


  • Without You
  • Man Man Ha Ni


1. When U-Kiss Members Shed Tears Over Performing in Their Home Country

As you well may know, two of the six members – Kevin and Eli – were born and raised in the United States. Their first US tour brought them back to their roots; Kevin especially remarked that he is so glad to be “back home.” Among the crowd, Eli’s father and sister were in attendance, along with classmates of AJ at Columbia University.

It’s also good to note that it was a refreshing change to hear almost all English being spoken during the concert. With Kevin, AJ and Eli being the main hosts, the remaining members’ Korean greetings were translated without the need of a formal translator.


2. When Kiseop Unleashes His Magnificent Mane

Not going to lie, Kiseop parades his new hair with a certain je ne sais quoi. And constant tossing of said hair certainly adds to the man’s appeal.


3. When U-KISS Performs Ultimate Fanservice, Serenading Superfan with Kisses and Backhugs

The sweetest part of the concert goes hands-down to U-KISS showering love to their KissMe fans, and, in particular, to one superfan that has “laughed as [U-KISS] laughed, and cried as [U-KISS] cried.” Set to the backdrop of “Mysterious Lady,” U-KISS members showed their appreciation by performing ultimate fanservice on the soon-teary-eyed superfan, made complete with Soohyun giving the fan a quick peck on the cheek.


4. When Kevin Thanks Fanclub for Special Pink Balloon Event

There’s no greater encouragement than having your ultimate idols and biases acknowledge your utmost efforts, and Kevin went out of his way to make sure that fans knew how much he appreciated their heartwarming gestures. During the last encore songs, a fanclub passed out pink balloons to form a “pink ocean” in the crowd, and this was not gone unnoticed by Kevin, who thanked fans profusely for putting on the event.


5. When U-KISS Hints at Possible New Subunit

Is a new ballad subunit in U-Kiss’ plans for next year? According to AJ and Kevin, a new ballad subunit “would be possible,” even asking for fans to look forward to it in 2014.

6. When Soohyun Calls US KissMes His Wives

When asked about the difference between US KissMe fans and Korean KissMe fans, Soohyun responded that to him, Korean KissMes were like family but US KissMes were like his wives, arousing loud cheers from the crowd. Hilariously, AJ interjected: “Look out, he’s going to marry all of you!”

Side note: Soohyun also claims to want 3,000 children.



7. When U-KISS Displays Their Irresistible Vocals

It’s no secret all members of U-KISS are extremely talented, but Kevin, Hoon and  Soohyun gave fans an unforgettable treat with their melodic voices. In particular, “More Painful Than Pain” brought together Hoon’s raw and rich timbre with Soohyun’s dynamic vocals, making for one of the most vocally enticing stages of the night.

Also: Soohyun’s glorious high notes are glorious.


8. When They Look Gorgeous in Basically Every Shot

Eli looking gorgeous.


Hoon looking gorgeous.


Soohyun looking gorgeous.


AJ looking gorgeous.


Kiseop looking gorgeous.


Kevin looking gorgeous.


It’s not too late to catch these boys on tour, as U-KISS is headed for San Francisco on the 11th and Los Angeles, the last stop of their tour, on the 14th! Don’t forget, Los Angeles KissMes can even enter to win a pair of tickets from Soompi!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who signed our Soompi fan banner in line! Special thanks also goes to Katherine of Annyeong Korea for helping us organize the Soompi NYC meetup – be sure to join Annyeong Korea on Facebook for more meetups and events in the NYC area!

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