Fujii Mina Tears Up While Talking About Spending New Year’s Day Alone

Actress Fujii Mina recently opened up about her feelings on spending the holidays alone in a foreign country.

She was featured in the most recent episode of MBC’s “Human Documentary – People Are Good.” Being originally from Japan, it was her first time celebrating the New Year away from her home and family, and to make the atmosphere a bit more festive, she prepared traditional Japanese dishes to enjoy on her own.

As she gave a call to her mother, the actress could not hold back her tears. She said after ending the call, “Even though we only talked about good things, hearing my mother’s voice makes me cry. It is a relief she doesn’t know [that I cried].” Despite being a popular actress in Korea, it must be difficult to slow down during the holiday season and realize you are not enjoying it with your family.

Fujii Mina also revealed some photos taken during her high school years, and talked about her career as an actress in Japan.

The episode aired on January 11.

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